Heavy Duty, Tread with Strength, Semi Truck Tires


Welcome to HUNTER TIRES, a DIRECT tire COMPANY and YOUR source for PREMIUM COMMERCIAL SEMI TRUCK TIRES. Stop by our DISTRIBUTION center and join the 1000s of COMPANIES experiencing the HUNTER difference and DEAL DIRECT!!!! Premium assurance & $avings is our #1 Goal, it’s our REPUTATION!!! 18 month / 150,000 mile WARRANTY!!!!! All warranty claims are to be submitted to our SOUTH GATE, CA distribution CENTER OUT THE DOOR PRICES!!!! LARGEST SELECTION IN ALL OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY VISIT OUR 9000sq ft FACILITY!!! OUR PRICES CANT BE BEAT!!!! 1000s & 1000s of tires AVAILABLE *****We MOUNT & BALANCE******* >


  • Veteran Owned
  • 18 Month WARRANTY
  • American Based Direct Company
  • Premium Tires Starting @ $210.00
  • EPA SMARTWAY Verified Tires
  • Hunter ForceMatch Balancing (see pic)

    (Steer Capability)
    295/75/22.5 16ply
    285/75/24.5 14ply
    11r/22.5 16ply
    11r/24.5 16ply
    315/80/22 20ply

    295/75 22.5
    295/75 24.5
    11r 22.5
    11r 24.5


    Drive Axle Smartway
    295/75/22.5 16ply
    295/80/22.5 16ply
    285/75/24.5 16ply
    11R22.5 16ply
    11R24.5 16ply

    11R22.5 16ply
    11R24.5 16ply
    285/75/24.5 16ply
    295/75/22.5 16ply

    A Better Driving Experience
    When we give you a better driving experience with our range of tires, what we can guarantee is, you will be able to feel the difference. You will experience a smoother and more comfortable ride. You will not have to worry about your cargo suffering from a rough ride, with our tires. We have tires that are manufactured especially for the rougher terrains.

    Increase Performance
    We offer increase tire performance to satisfy your specific needs. The tires we will recommend would be ideal for the required load, terrain and handling of your vehicle. We have tires that are specialized to take on your ideal handling requirements.
    Better Fuel Performance
    Data provided by tire manufacturers such as Michelin and The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) testing and research, The EPA results shows that certain tire models can provide a reduction in NOx emissions and an approximate fuel savings of 3 percent or greater, relative to the best-selling new tires for line haul trucks, when used on all three axles.
    Our tires are reliable. We will provide the ideal tire selection for the required driving terrain, with proper tire care, you can depend on them not to fail you. Our tires were manufactured with you, our valued customers, in mind.
    Hunter Tiers have been under intensive road test to ensure we stand behind the performance. Hunter Tires go through 100% x-ray testing before they are sent into distribution. When you think of endurance, you should think of Hunter Tires. We will provide durable tires. This will be financially positive for you, as well as positive, as it relates to the performance of your trucks. We can assure that your tires will last for a very long time.
    At Hunter Tires, we always want to ensure that the tires are always compatible with your vehicle needs

    Call Now (800) 995-1663 or TEXT (818) 800-4875

    Call us Today to Speak with our Trained Associates or Visit us online at Hunter tires!

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